I am such a failure…

So far from the end of February until today which is almost the end of March, I still haven’t finish a single book (WTF!) But this month I actually go out and have a social life(again WTF?!) well sort of have a social life First I went to One Direction concert, secondly I went to watch “The Imitation Game” with my friends. I think that’s it, I really should renew my denfination of social life. I have also half way through Season 3 of Doctor Who and had also finished a fanfic if fanfic counted as book. I finished a book this month, yay! I am still in a reading slumps, I can’t start any books. I try to read Endgame:The Callings, Hallow City, To all the boys I’ve loved before, I just can’t do it.

It all happens that one day when I am watching Doctor Who, it was the season 2 final and let me tell you that’s does not end well. Doomsday inculde lots of tears and feels. Now I am in a reading slump… Will someone please help me?


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