Bookish Identity Tag

I saw this tag long times ago but it was the time when I don’t have a blog so I forgot all about this tag but now I have a blog so I can finally do it 😀hogwarts

1. What dystopian/fantasy world would you like to live in?

Well dystopian and fantasy is different right?! All dystopian world sucks; but if I have to choose one, it would be Panem from Hunger Games. Panem is a big country there are no chance I would be pick to play the Hunger Games right? For fantasy; I would pick Hogwarts, hopefully the wizardry world would be safer since Voldemort is dead and I can have butter beer all the time.fred weasley

      2. Who would your partner be?

It’s really funny how I always thought it was asking for my patronus… Well I think I would pick Fred Weasley, cause I don’t know he is funny and he is in Gryffindor and I am in Slytherin. And I love the idea of forbidden love between Gryffindor and Slytherin. sun

    3. Who would your godly mother/father be? (Percy Jackson Series)

Easy! My godly father is Apollo, if it’s not Apollo (which is no possible) I think it would be Ares or Hecatecity of bones

    4. Would you rather be a Downworlder or a Nephilim? (The Mortal Instruments Series)

I have never read the Mortal Instruments Series, I brought the first book in Chinese then I realized it’s only the first half of the book so I give up on reading Mortal Instruments maybe one day I would continue the series but that day is not today… So Downworlder is half human and half demon or angel and Nephilim is like demigods. I rather be a Downworlder then…slytherin

    5.What House would you be in? (Harry Potter Series)

I used to think I am in Ravenclaw but then I was sorted on PotterMore is Slytherin so I am Slytherin. My personality fit more in Slytherin than in Ravenclaw.    divergent

    6. What faction would you be in? (Divergent Series)

I have never think of that before but I think it’s either Amity or Erudite. I want to be in Dauntless but I would die less than a day in I am in Dauntless


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