520 Romance Recommendation

my first book recommedation *happy dance* in honor of 20th May (which mean I love you in Mandarin) so why not do a romance book recommedation (it’s kind of sad how most of the books I had read are romance…) Now without further ado let’s get into itgiphy Why not start this book recommendation with a classic

Romeo and Juliet by the great William Shakespeare

I have this love/hate relationship with both Shakespeare and Romeo and Juliet, on one hand Shakespeare is genuis, his writing style is beautiful and for example when Romeo met Juliet for the first time it’s written in a sonnet, Shakespeare’s writing style is just perfect. But on the other hand Romeo and Juliet’s love/lust is too unrealistic, they met for a day then they get married and commited suide two days later. I don’t know this love/hate relationship with Shakespeare is too complex. The Duff: Designated Ugly Fat Friend by Kody Keplinger You know this will be on my romance recommendation *wink* It’s one of my favorite this year, oh Weasley Weasley (My Chinese teacher’s name is Weasley just sayin’) He is an asshole but I love him. I love love love this book and the love/hate relationship between Weasley and Bianca, I feel like I say love/hate relationship way too much in this post. But love/hate relationship is my favorite type of romance Attachments by Rainbow Rowell Of course Rainbow Rowell will be on this list, anything and everything by Rainbow Rowell is amazing but Attachments is my favorite (well I also love Eleanor and Park but I love Attachments) I really like Lincoln, he is such a geek. My type of boy are geeky, nerdy type (and bad boy….) I just love Attachments so much Anna and the Frech Kiss by Stephanie Perkins Stephanie Perkins is the queen of YA romance, she is one of my auto-buy author. Do I really have to explain more about Anna and the Frech Kiss? It take place in Paris, Anna is amazing,and I love Étienne so so so much. Everything by Stephanie Perkins is what you are looking for if you want something really cute and lovey dovey The Deal by Elle Kennedy This is a New Adult and I don’t really read New Adult. The Deal is one of my first new adult and it’s a love/hate relationship and I love love love this book… It’s funny, it’s sexy and sassy. If you like sexy love/hate relationship NA book, go read it To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han If you have read To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before you will know how I feel and PS I Still Love You is coming out and I am slowly dying with everyone posting an early copy of PS I Still Love You. I need more now, I need more Lara Jean and Peter now ❤


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