I’m a designer?

In my entre secondary school life, I have take Design Technology and I am still study Design Technology even I suck at it anyway a few weeks ago I was talking with Candy and we come across Bookwormboutique on Society6. Society6 is a website where designers can post different design of theirs and Society6 would print the design on stuff like tote bag or mug etc. So now I have my own society6 store, since I am new to Photoshop so my design is really simple at this moment and I have some ideas on my mind about what to design next. So buy something on my store, and help a girl out 🙂 Oh and Society6 is doing a free shipping promoation and the promoation ends at 7June Midnight Pacific Time (Use this link for free shipping: http://society6.com/willyoutalknerdytome?promo=NHBDN2D8776Y) And Ravenclaw and Gryffindor design coming soon in this week 😉


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