Hong Kong Book Fair Book Haul 2015

Every summer here in Hong Kong. Publisher, book seller and reader gathered in one of the biggest bookish event. The Hong Kong Book Fair is like Book Con in the US only without the part where publishers give out free books and ARC but Book Fair is still pretty awesome. Basically you can buy books from manga and graphic novels to YA and classic novels in Hong Kong Book Fair, they also have a section for stationary, well for me I spent three days at the book fair. Before I go book fair, my mom told me not to buy too many because I can’t carry all of my books to England but somehow I still bought twenty something books #sorrynotsorry. Okay, enough of my boring backstory. Let’s move on to the book haul now, shall we?  

 YA and Middle Grade I don’t even know why I bought this book? I read the synopsis and i think this would be one of those funny book and I haven’t read any thing like that so… but YOLO right?   I remember some booktubers talked about Reboot and Rebel before and my friend and I bought this together so we might do a read-along sometime

  I read the first three in the series and I love it, so why not pick the the fourth book P.S the thrid book have a cliffhanger. And Chris Colfer is beaI love the TV series so I need to get this book

  I read 1984 by George Owrell back in late May or something, and Brave New World, We and 1984 are like the classic dystopia novel. And I just need to buy it because reasons…
    Okay, I’m obsessed with Little Black Classic… I read War of the Worlds before and I got The Invisible Man and The Time Machine the day before and why not have an extra copy of War of the Worlds and complete my H.G Wells collection?!   
I don’t have anymore excuse, I’m a shopaholic and a bookaholic and I’m not proud myself now I’m on book buying ban until Christmas *sigh*

This is my final Book Fair book haul, 27 books in total. How this happened? I don’t know. If you need me, I will be at my bookshelf staring my growing tbr pile πŸ™ˆπŸ™ŠπŸ™‰


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