Reasons why I disappear for over 2 weeks…


I’m back for a while, school is killing me and I need a cup of coffee almost everyday to stay alive (I normally ¬†don’t drink coffee on daily basis) that prove how tried I’m right now. Biology is just horrible, I thinking dropping it. I don’t even care about Biology anymore, I’m not doing anything Biology related in Uni. (I’m thinking to do English Lit and Creative Writing in Uni so Biology isn’t really need) But I don’t know what subject I could do if I don’t do Biology, I want to Photography at first but it clashes my timetable. Now I’m really stress out because of all this mess I’m going through (If anyone have any idea what subject I could do should comment down below) I don’t even have time to read and to do other stuff. In my school, we have exams/quizzes almost every week, so I’m really stressed and tired because of school. In October, I had only finished one book and I think I’m in a reading slumps¬†again. Even if I have time, I will found myself spending hours of watching YouTube. I miss reading, I really do. But right now I just need to focus on studying, I was planning to do the Creatures of the Night tag before Halloween and now I have completely forgot about it. If I have time, I will come back to reading and blogging.