My 2016 Book Fair Wishlist

So every Summer around July, there would be a book fair in Hong Kong and almost every year I lost control. I would go to the Book Fair for around 3-4 times (twice with my sister, once with my friends), anyways my point is I would buy a shitload of books and I possibly won’t read it. Just last year, I got like 27 books and only 10 that I actually finished. So I’m going to limit myself this year and maybe have a wishlist of what I’m buying this year. And just to let you know this list is pretty random and I honestly don’t know what I would buy and mostly I just have a brief concept of what I might get so…

1. The Trials of Apollo: The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan 26252859.jpg

I just need it so badly, Apollo is one of my favorite Olympians and Apollo is technically my ‘godly parent’ so…

2. Any YA Contemporary Romance

To be honest, I really don’t know what contemporary romance I would buy that day but I want something lovey dovey and perhaps a new fictional boyfriend (Perhaps something by Kasie West, I read a little bit of The Fill-In Boyfriend so maybe I would buy that)

3. Something by Sarah J Maas

I love Throne of Glass and I got Crown of Midnight but I still don’t have time to read it but I think I would either buy Heir of Fire or A Court of Thorns and Roses

4. Books that I need for Literature, Classical Civilisation and Film Studies next years

So usually in Book Fair, classics are really cheap compare to other YA or other novels (Last year they are around US$6 and £3 which is really cheap in Hong Kong)


And I think this is it right now (well obviously my book fair book haul would be wayyyyy bigger than this list) but I think this would be the basis of what I would get during the book fair. Anyway it’s 3am here in London so I am going to sleep now. xoxo



Update: 10 May 2016

Okay this is weird, I haven’t been blogging since forever. Is anyone still here? I was going to post something on New Year Eve, I was going to post around my birthday and I just won’t have time to actually write something (there is like 20 something drafts that I just forgot about) and because of my classes I just don’t have time to actually read a novel but I have been reading a lots of comic books, so that’s a good thing. Maybe I will write something about comic books?

Anyway, my exam starts on 17 May and all my exam will end on 6 June so after my exams I will go to Foyles and Forbidden Planet to buy some late birthday gift for myself. When I go back to Hong Kong, Book Fair is coming up, so I got more time to catch with books and TV shows, and I will have time and materials to post something.