2017 Reading Resolutions

Is it too late for me to post anythings related to “New Year Resolution”? Well, it is Chinese New Year yesterday so I guess new year resolution still make sense. 200.gif

For those who follow me on GoodReads, you might probably know that my 2016 consisted of reading a ton of graphic novels and manga. For 40 books I had read last year, more than half of them are graphic novels. So I setting up some resolutions for both reading and personal. 200-1.gif

1.Read something by Marie Lu or Leigh Bardugo

mostly because I have never read anything by these amazing authors and I really want to read Six of Crows or the Young Elite this year

2.Read more classic

In 2016, I had read quite a few classic novels including The Iliad. And I am proud of myself that I have read some classic last year (even though most of them are for school). So in 2017, I really want to read some Jane Austen, finish Jane Eyre and maybe read Odyssey.

3. Finish The Hero of  Olympus series

I have been putting the series off since forever, mostly because I love it so much and I don’t really want it to end. So I just stopped after reading The House of Hades because I want to save to read The Blood of Olympus.

4. Bookshelf makeover

This one is kinda random but if you saw my bookshelf in real life, you would understand. My shelf is messy and it is full, me and my sister shared a shelf and basically she put random stuff on my shelf very often so I think I need to get a bigger shelf or to clean the shelf we have in the living so I could store my books outside.

5. Write, write, write

I always said that ‘I am going to write more this year’ but never do it. Propably I would do the same this year, but since I am going to University this year and would be doing Creative Writing (if I go Uni in Hong Kong, that would be another story) therefore I might actually get some writing done this year and maybe even finish my novel!